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In 2000, Pastor Steve Cordle started to lead Crossroads United Methodist Church to transition to the cell church model. It was not an easy nor a smooth process, but today Crossroads Church is a healthy, functioning cell-based church.

The Church in Many Houses describes the underlying principles of the cell-based church. The book can be used as a vision-casting tool by leaders who are investigating or pursuing the cell model.

Although the largest churches in the world are cell-based, many have questioned whether the model will work in North America. The Church In Many Houses: Reaching Your Community Through Cell-Based Ministry makes the case that the cell model will work— if key assumptions about spiritual growth and the nature of the church are reexamined and renewed.

By drawing on scripture, research, and insights gained through personal experience as the pastor of a growing cell church, Steve Cordle identifies five pivotal philosophical shifts necessary for the cell approach to work.

These are mindset shifts that move from:
programs to relationships—the purposes of the church are best fulfilled in the cell group instead of in programs
member to disciple-maker—every member can and should become a group leader
educating to equipping—spiritual growth is not knowing more but applying more
“come and see” to “go and show”—the power of penetration evangelism.
from a church with cells to a church that is cells – the cell is the basic expression of the church.

Imposing a cell structure upon a congregation that has not yet made these philosophical shifts we are likely to fail. But when people adopt these biblical mindset changes, the cell approach will seem natural, and will result in great unity and effectiveness. The Church In Many Houses will help congregations make the changes that are necessary for success.

What People are saying about The Church in Many Houses
“A lot of people talk about cell groups but not many do them, especially in mainline churches. This book is written by a mainline pastor whose church lives and breathes cell ministry.”
Bill Easum
President, Easum, Bandy & Associates

"What a great read! This is not another "follow-these-ten-steps-and-your-church-will-grow" book. Steve Cordle writes from the perspective of a leader who would not settle for an ordinary church that called people to believe, give and behave. He wants more than that for the people he is called to serve. His quest has drawn him to the very basic form of the DNA of the Church as seen in Scripture, evidenced in history and rediscovered today: the development of authentic, life-changing, community in which people are transformed into the life and character of Jesus through cell-based ministry. This volume is unflinchingly honest. It does not pretend to have attained perfection in developing a cell-based church, but it does point those who desire the same kind of church along the way."
Reggie McNeal
Director of Leadership Development, Southern Baptist Convention
Author of The Present Future; and Work of the Heart

“Steve Cordle has captured the heart behind the success of the New
Testament Church ... The life of the body is in the cell.”
Mike Slaughter (from his Foreword)
Senior Pastor
Ginghamsburg Church, Tipp City, Ohio

“Having visited Crossroads UMC, Steve Cordle leads one of the most exciting cell churches in the U.S. Steve has many gifts: a knack for keeping things simple, a humble heart that permeates his story, and enthusiasm that keeps you reading. If you are searching for a practical way for the local church to build on the priorities and practices of Jesus Christ, then this book is a must-read.”
Rob Campbell
Pastoral Team Leader
Cypress Creek Church, Wimberley, Texas

“Crossroads UMC exemplifies that cell church ministry is a viable option in the U.S. and works in North America just as it does overseas. This is a must-read book for those interested in making disciples who make disciples.”
Joel Comiskey (from his Preface)
President, Cell Church Solutions
Author, Home Cell Group Explosion, and Cell Church Solutions

“This book is written by a practitioner. Steve Cordle is growing the kind of church he is writing about: a missional congregation that is committed to developing fully devoted followers of Christ through cell groups. This is a fine volume for those who want to grow a church both spiritually and numerically. I highly recommend it. “
Dr. Jeffrey E. Greenway
Asbury Theological Seminary

"The multiplication of cells is God’s idea—we see it all throughout nature. So I can imagine God’s incredible pleasure in seeing groups of cells multiplied to reach, disciple and expand His Church. Leaders will benefit from Dr. Steve Cordle’s careful research, practical experience, and deep passion for cell-based churches found in The Church in Many Houses."
Robert E. Logan
Director, CoachNet, Inc.

Steve Cordle has opened my mind and heart and planted a hunger within me to begin a quest toward the cell based church. Steve shares his call and journey of leading the Crossroads UMC, an effective growing great commission church, through a transition to an even higher efficient cell based church. I would encourage every pastor of a growing program based church to prayerfully read Steve’s journey and ask the question, “What kind of church do I want to give my life to?”
Rev. Dr. Duane A. Anders
Dayton North District Superintendent
and Lead Pastor of Stillwater UMC, Dayton, Ohio

“Centering the church where people live everyday makes sense. It is the apostolic way. Steve Cordle shows how it works in today's society.”
Dr. Robert E. Coleman
Professor of Evangelism and Author Master Plan Evangelism

“A long time ago, a small band of disciples proved that authentic, evangelistic, Spirit-led community can change the world. It’s happening again. Steve Cordle writes winsomely of what is beyond worship attendance and outward compliance. His eye witness account of inner transformation through the cell church ministry of Crossroads United Methodist Church will inspire all who tire of program-loaded church life. But be careful as you read this book, it could change the entire way you see and do church.”
Rev. Dr Roger Ross
Senior. Pastor
New Horizon United Methodist Church, Champaign, Illinois



“Steve Cordle has captured the heart behind the success of the New Testament Church ... The life of the body is in the cell.”
Mike Slaughter (from his Foreword)
Senior Pastor
Ginghamsburg Church, Tipp City, Ohio

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